Q: What are Weco Unions and who makes them? How can I eliminate the hazards?

A: Weco Hammer Unions are connectors for temporary pipe and flow line installations. FMC acquired the original Weco company in the 1950s. The design is old, and used in steel and chemical plants, marine dredging vessels, strip mines and the oil industry.

You can eliminate the hazards by destroying 2″ 602 & 1002 Weco unions or old Guilberson Unions found in your operation and use only 1502 Thread Halfs (female sub) Use only Unions supplied by FMS and in good condition to ensure they hold rated pressure.


Q: Do you guys offer free shipping?

A: Yes, we offer free shipping on orders $1,500 or more.


Q: Other than the fastest assembly times, are there any other advantages to the “No Sweat” One Piece Fitting?

A: Yes, one of the biggest advantages of the “No Sweat” One Piece Fitting is the serration profile on the stem.  It allows for more rubber displacement and consequently greater retention than any other fitting in its class.


Q: Is there really any benefit to using your Heavy Duty Kombo Crimp Fittings and Sleeves over other crimp fittings and sleeves on the market?

A: Yes, absolutely, our design offers an unrivaled safety and durability factor in this class. First, our Kombo fittings are made from high quality schedule 40 pipe. No other manufacturer uses this.  Second, our crimp sleeves are made with the same materials, processes and quality assurance plans as our high quality ferrules instead of low grade carbon strip plate rolled and welded.