Our Founder – J. Mario Corzo

The One and Only Mario

Following is the story of Mario Corzo and how he came to found Mario Manufacturing. It’s not what you would find on most industrial company websites, but that’s because Mario has always been different, interesting, innovative and charismatic – as you are about to see.

The Guatemalan Bachelor


The year was 1962 and it was a typical, uneventful July afternoon in “the land of eternal spring” – more widely known as Guatemala. I was rocking in my backyard hammock after a long swim in the lake, contemplating which film I was going to attend that evening and who would be my date, when my sister, Mirtala, called me to the phone. Manuel Orantes, not to be mistaken for the great Spanish tennis player, but rather Manuel Orantes my lifelong best friend, was calling me from New Orleans and he said, “Mario, the United States is the land of opportunity, all of the women are beautiful here and you’d be crazy not to come up and join me.”


As I lounged in my hammock I weighed Manuel’s proposal against my current life of swimming, watching movies and chasing girls – and decided that while I adored my beautiful country of Guatemala, I could no longer bum around while my Mom and sisters did all the work. I had just turned 21 years old and realized that it was time to grow up. So I purchased a one-way ticket to New Orleans, got on the plane with a toothbrush and a couple hundred dollars Mom had stuffed in my pocket – and off I went.

From “Me No English” to the American Dream

My new country quickly became my new home. I was welcomed with open arms – and with each passing day I worked to put a few dollars in my pocket, made a few new friends and learned a few more words. Eventually, words turned into phrases, then into sentences – and then nothing could stop me. My friend had been right, beautiful girls were everywhere and this really was the land of opportunity. I started a family and aside from the birth of my children, my proudest accomplishment was when I became an American citizen.

I quickly learned that ours was a nation that rewards working for oneself. If you have drive, ingenuity and a strong work ethic you can do anything. I also learned that working smarter was better than working harder – and I didn’t have to be told twice. This is when I developed the concept I call “No Sweat” – which would later become a core philosophy of my company. I was a “no sweat” citizen of a “no sweat” nation – life was good and it was getting better. This started me on the road to becoming a machinist and eventually founding my own company.

More than 35 Years of Industrial Hose Innovations

In the late 70s I met a business associate who was to become my dear friend – Pete Tucker. Pete introduced me to the industrial hose industry. This would alter the course of my life and the future of my family – as I soon decided to found a company that would set new standards in industrial hose fittings. Thank you, Pete. I have loved every single minute of designing and manufacturing fittings, accessories and assembly equipment for more than 35 years.

When I founded Mario Manufacturing in 2005 it was my vision to develop an “Extraordinary” company with “Extraordinary” products brought to customers by “Extraordinary” people. My vision was quickly realized and today I can proudly say that we make products that will save our customers time and money – and above all else – make the workplace safer for all. We are committed to developing and producing new products each year that offer real solutions in the hose industry. We settle for nothing less than products of innovative design and high-end quality that look good and perform to our rigorous standards.

The fact is that you will not find our products anywhere else on the market unless others copy our lead. For innovation, quality and outstanding performance – Mario is the one that you can always trust.