Mario’s Mission

We strive to be the preferred fitting supplier to industrial hose distributors and end users by delivering on our “No Sweat®” Promise and advancing our “No Sweat®” Philosophy.

Mario’s “No Sweat®” Promise           

  • Our products are the most innovative, safest, attractive and simplest to use.
  • Our customer service is the most friendly, informative and energetic.
  • When we get it wrong, we always make it right.

Mario’s “No Sweat®” Philosophy

“If it’s hard, it’s wrong. If you don’t love what you are doing, quit. If you are doing it alone, stop and ask for help. Constantly ask yourself, am I improving the quality of life for myself and the community? If not, do something different. We insist on innovating, making things safer, more efficient, destroying the status quo, having fun and inviting different people to join us.”

– Mario Corzo

        Founder, Chief Innovator and Maverick (but never the Lone Ranger)